Check out some highlights of Vic Cohen’s TV comedy!

Here it is… the much-anticipated trailer for the documentary, Committed.

Listen to highlights from Vic Cohen’s It’s a Fair Question! As Vic says, “It’s the radio/podcast where no question is ever too personal or off-limits!”

More Vic Videos

Vic visits a local mattress store and you won’t believe what he gets the unsuspecting salesman to do!

From the premiere episode of NBC’s Howie Do It, Vic helps a fun and frisky wife prank her husband… Nudity ensues!

How many times can Howie Do It regular, Vic Cohen, hit a guy in the face with a mic? Turns out – a lot!

No one’s safe when Vic Cohen is on security duty at The Howie Mandel Talk Show!

An unsuspecting single guy gets matched with “Vicky” (AKA Vic in drag) in this classic Howie Do It (NBC) prank!

Vic Cohen freaks out an unsuspecting massage therapist, who likely changed careers after this bit.