More About Vic

Vic Cohen is an American comedian, actor, Emmy nominated TV writer, and radio/podcast host. You may know him as the star of Howie Mandel’s award winning documentary, Committed! In the film, Howie follows Vic with a camera for 14 years, documenting Vic’s showbiz journey as a performer.

Vic is also known for his recurring roles on NBC’s primetime show, Howie Do It, where he frequently appeared in outrageous hidden camera bits and as the series’ man-on-the-street reporter, “Vic Cohen, People Person!”

Many fans also know Vic from Fox’s Mobbed, TBS’ Deal With It, and TruTV’s Fameless! Vic has also appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Last Comic Standing, The A List, Xtreme Fakeovers, and many other TV shows, including Bravo’s sit-com, Hidden Howie. And Vic has hosted, created, and executive produced the game show, Sobriety Test, for GSN’s, Door3 website.

In addition to his television and film work, Vic often performs LIVE at comedy clubs and corporate events across the country and around the globe.

As host of his iTunes radio/podcast, Vic Cohen’s It’s a Fair Question, Vic interviews everyone from high profile celebs to less familiar guests with must-hear fascinating stories. Vic’s quick wit, humor, and wamth fill each fast paced hour. It’s the show where Vic says, “No question is ever too personal or off-limits!”

Vic has written comedy for Joan Rivers, David Arquette, and many others. Plus, Vic was Howie Mandel’s writer (and the show writer) for NBC’s primetime and daytime hit game show, Deal or No Deal. Vic has also written on dozens of other game/variety/talk shows and pilots. And Vic was nominated for an Emmy for his work on The Chase.

Vic has a Masters degree in journalism from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism and started his career as a news reporter at an NBC affiliate in Georgia. He currently lives in Los Angeles.

How It All Started…

Comedian, actor, writer Vic Cohen is born on February 16th at Cleveland, Ohio’s Mt. Sinai Hospital. He is a total surprise to his loving parents, Shirlee and Eugene. (The conception was a surprise, not the birth.)

Vic is delivered by a Dr. Marvin Rubinstein (pictured on left) weighing 9 pounds 3 ounces. (VIC weighed 9 pounds 3 ounces – not Dr. Rubinstein.) Vic is promptly circumcised eight days later by Mohel Shlomo Katz (pictured on right), bringing Vic’s weight down to 6 pounds 2 ounces!

Vic’s insurance executive dad (standing in back row with Vic’s mom) moves the family to Columbus, Ohio. Then, at five years old, Vic (on far left) and family move to the northern Chicago suburb of Glenview, Illinois. Brother Mike is pictured on the far right (brother Harlan is not yet born). Vic’s grandparents are seated in the middle. Vic still greatly misses their special love and cool plastic covered furniture.

Vic graduates from Glenbrook South High School and eventually earns a Masters degree in journalism from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism.

Vic gets his first television job as a reporter in Macon, Georgia, where he is also the station’s film critic, morning cut-in anchor, back-up weatherman and plumber. (Okay that’s not true, Vic wasn’t the back-up weatherman.)

Vic takes a Greyhound bus headed for Hollywood to pursue his dreams! (Okay, that’s not true. Vic actually drove himself in his very comfortable, air-conditioned car. But the Greyhound bus story sounded so much more romantic. Don’t you think?)